Monday, January 3, 2011

Enough about me. Let's talk about grammar.

Today marks the launch of my new grammar tips site, Grammar Underground, at

It will have podcasts and blog posts on the topics people ask me about most, approaching the topic from a perspective that’s neither prescriptivist nor descriptivist and but instead focused on helping users blaze their own trail through these warring factions.

I'll continue to blog here the same type stuff I've been doing all along (the whatever-catches-my-fancy-and-hopefully-yours topics). The new site is instructive and focused more specifically on grammar, usage, and punctuation.

Podcasts and blog posts will be updated every Monday. (Yes, I take requests.) And “Snobservations” -- hilariously incorrect grammar rants -- will be updated periodically (I welcome all submissions!).

Grammar Underground is on Twitter at @grammarunder ( and on facebook as Grammar Underground.


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Blair Conrad said...

I think you have a typo in your message. Did you mean

June Casagrande said...

Thank you!

That's SO like me. (There's actually a law about that. Per an NPR segment I heard recently, there's this law: Whenever you write about grammar you'll make a typo. It's called Muphrey's Law.

Anyway, thanks!

Adrian Morgan said...

Just got around to having a look at the front page.

Gotta say I didn't really like the blog post defining prescriptivists and descriptivists. It makes some claims that are extremely tenuous (e.g. that descriptivists are "usually" either linguistics professors or students). Also, it makes it sound like everyone agrees on what a prescriptivist is, which of course they don't. (For example, John McIntyre describes himself as a mild prescriptivist, but I think that's debatable.) It's more complicated than you describe it.

Also, there are several cases where you say "descriptivist" when you meant to say "prescriptivist", e.g. "unlike ??scriptivists, they tend to do their homework" and "many of the prohibitions the ??scriptivists proclaim are hogwash". In your place, I'd probably be a bit embarrassed by errors like that...

June Casagrande said...

Yikes. Thanks for pointing that out! I'll fix errors!


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