Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Words I'm Looking Up (One in an occasional series on words I'm looking up)


n. (see DOOHICKEY) [Informal] 1. a trinket;
bauble; 2s any small object or device whose name is not known or is
temporarily forgotten

Actually, I was looking for doo-dah, which wasn't in there at all. But it turns out that doodad was the word I was looking for anyway. I wanted to explain that, the reason I haven't posted in a few days, is that I was busy making and learning the finer technical points of using, you guessed it, doodads.

Here's one -- a doodad that took me a whole day to make, though it would have taken a skilled person about 30 minutes.

Oh, well. At least I learned that "doodad" has the synonym "doohickey."


R-bek said...

A question I have not had much luck in finding an answer to if you have a moment. If I am asking a list of questions (each question ending with a question mark) should each question begin with a capitalized letter or lower case? I have not been able to find any clear answer on this!

June Casagrande said...

Hi, R.S.

I'll make this a new post.


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