Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fun with Google Searches

pubic speaking: 842 hits

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Temperance said...

Please forgive the off-topic question. Though this doesn’t pertain to the post at hand, a friend & colleague of mine (let’s call her “Stats Gal”) has a usage question that our web searching has failed to answer. In graduate school, a particular professor excoriated her for starting sentences with “Though.” Though, if “although” and “though” are synonymous – as several web sources seem to suggest – why is it okay to start a sentence with one and not the other? Or was Professor Particular simply acting as a Grammar Snob? I ask because Stats Gal is currently critiquing a paper written by a graduate student we both advise, and this student chronically begins sentences with clauses beginning with “Although” or “Though.” Now that Stats Gal has joined the professoriate, she’s wondering how much red ink needs to be spilled on the graduate student’s paper. Neither of us wants to perpetuate grammar snobbery, nor do we want to perpetuate poor usage. Help!


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