Monday, June 16, 2008

Eye Caramaba (Wherein we stray from the topic of language to ponder the unspoken words implicit in certain notable images )

I bought a photo album the other day and it contained a brochure of the company's products. The brochure included this image:

Now, gentlemen, riddle me this: When was the last time you packed up a suitcase with dress shirts, neckties, boxer shorts, and your wedding photo album? Wait. Don't answer that.

Instead, consider the modified question: When was the last time you packed your suitcase with dress shirts, neckties, and boxer shorts? More importantly, where were you going? Were you taking a romantic cruise through the Hawaiian islands with the wife? Were you traveling to your hometown to help your mom take care of your dad as he recovers from his gall-bladder operation?

Judging by the clothes you packed, probably not (unless you're the 21st century incarnation of Miles Silverburg, in which case I fear for us all).

More likely, the guy whose suitcase innards look like this is going on a business trip. And since I, when preparing to travel with my husband, never let him close a suitcase without first cramming in some personal items of my own (a girl can't have too many bikinis, pairs of strappy high heels, or copies of Garner's Modern American Usage, right?), I'm guessing this guy's not bringing the little woman along.

More likely, he's on his way to some type of business convention. Or maybe he's a traveling salesman working hard to bring home the bacon. And everyone knows no salesman or conventioneer leaves home without a copy of his wedding photo album, right?

In other words, who is this company trying to sell photo albums to? To the millions of men who take their wedding albums on business trips? Or is the company maybe playing on the fears of the wives who worry that what happens in Vegas really does stay in Vegas and their only hope is pre-emptive guilt?

(Just askin' is all.)

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