Sunday, August 3, 2008

Touche, Google!

I expected that, by now, based on my Friday post, Google would have placed here ads for body creams, travel sites, or miracle manhood cures.

Yet, like most every time I come up with an idea I think is so damn clever, this one backfired. Instead of taking the bait and putting the expected ads on my site, Google's surprisingly sarcastic computer put me in my place instead.

As of this writing, the prominent new ad on my site -- the direct result of my clever idea -- is titled, "Bathroom Ideas."

You've won this round, Google.

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LL Blackwell said...

I subscribe to your blog on Google Reader, so I don't normally see your ads. This time, however, I had to click through, and I was quite satisfied to see that a vendor could offer me something for my husband to use--the best in Europe!

So, have no fear, you might have missed the good stuff, but not the rest of us.

June Casagrande said...

Actually, I think it's just the best in Eastern Europe. Consider yourself warned.

Seriously: I'm honored that you subscribe. Thank you!


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