Friday, October 17, 2008

Wonderings and Googlings (Wherein I wonder about words, then I Google them)

has lead him” = 58,100 hits
has led him” = 453,000 hits

I gotta say, I find this kind of encouraging. It's so easy to accidentally replace "led" with "lead" (that is, to replace the past tense of the verb with the homophone that means a type of metal) that I would have expected even more boo-boos. (Just don't get me started on "metal"/"medal." Ah, what the heck ... ).
"he won the gold medal" = 37,700
"he won the gold metal" = 98

Again, pretty encouraging. Between that, a some encouraging news on the economic front, and the chance that today will bring an end to all this Joe the Plumber crap, we may be on a good-news roll! (Just don't get me started on "roll" / "role." ... Ah, what the heck ...)

"I'm on a roll" = 82,900
"I'm on a role" = 2,120

Yup, not a bad day at all.

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