Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm Not One to Pick On Typos, But ...

One I came across recently on a message board was just too good:
The place is run by Rasta's, and if you take the time to talk you'll learn they are non-violent and dolt on children.
Regarding yesterday's "the outdoors is"/"the outdoors are" conundrum: Neither "Garner's" nor "Fowler's" says whether "outdoors" takes a singular or a plural verb. Yesterday when I was running on too little sleep, this seemed baffling. Today, running on my full eleven hours (kidding), I'm having trouble remembering what was so perplexing. Seems there are few instances in which "outdoors" would seem to call for a plural verb like "are" and even fewer instances when "the great outdoors" would.

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