Monday, March 16, 2009

Weird and Random Monday Ramblings

* Further evidence AP and Chicago are conspiring to make my head blow up:

AP Style for capitalizing titles of works: "How to Turn Your Trash Into Cash"

Chicago Style for capitalizing titles of works: "How to Turn Your Trash into Cash"

AP says to lowercase conjunctions, articles, and prepositions of three or fewer letters. Chicago isn't down with quotas -- so no three-letter maximum for them.

* Lately I've been very distracted by cleaning the house and rigging our kitty cams. (A neighbor said recently that there have been a few break-ins in the area. So we rejiggered our cameras and fixed a connection issue with our remote survelliance to assure that no Thai-restaurant-menu deliverer will go undetected.)

Actually, a funny story about that. A few months ago our camera saw/recorded a man who was delivering fliers and who, once he put the flier on our front door, plunked down in the chair on our porch. He sat there for about three minutes then got up and left. It's a very weird feeling to see a stranger lounging on your front doorstep. Weirder yet, if I remember right I was home watching it take place live.

Ah, technology.

* In the past, I have mentioned that I hate the word "horrific." Well, this just in: I still hate the word "horrific." It still sounds to me like a self-consciously weak word destined to forever reach for greater and greater shock value. I predict it will one day evolve into "horrificorrible" and "horrificawfulageous."

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