Friday, June 12, 2009

All This Scratchin' Is Makin' Me Itch

It's official. I'm now cuckoo nutty about sentences. After years of copy editing and obsessing about sentence structure, I passed into the realm of cuckoo nutty this morning when I read this first sentence of a Reuters story:

A loss in server connectivity that caused the New York Stock Exchange to halt trades in about 240 companies has been restored.

Now, normal people might read this and think, "Holy cow! I never realized how fragile are the financial processes on which our whole economy depends!"

Many others, especially in parts where I grew up, might read this and think, "Holy cow! I clicked the wrong link. I was looking for a TMZ story about Jon and Kate."

But I, cuckoo nuttier than all, think, "A loss has been restored? "


Linnee said...

The loss was restored? Was Governor Terminator involved?

June Casagrande said...

Hey, you're right. If anyone could restore a loss, he's our guy!


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