Tuesday, July 14, 2009


In a blog post about my 2006 book tour, I wrote about some ironic occurrences, culminating with my experience with a certain Milwaukee hotel.

The short version is that I'm a sober person and former heavy smoker. I was having a rough time on the book tour -- feeling kind of roughed up and vulnerable. After checking out of the Seattle hotel at which the manager had kindly sent a bottle of wine up to my room (no, I didn't open it), I checked into my hotel room in Milwaukee to find a pack of cigarettes and a lighter on the bed. I set them out in the hall. Shortly afterward, I found a mysterious pill in the middle of the bathroom floor.

Today I came across a news story reporting that players of several major league baseball teams have reported supernatural occurrences -- ghosts even -- at Milwaukee's Pfister hotel. That's the place. That's the hotel where the cigarettes and a mysterious pill were set right under my nose.

The news story was actually an AOL news "photo gallery" -- one of those things you click through to look at pictures and get all your information from captions that say stuff like, "Major League Players swear Milwaukee hotel is haunted." Because it was not a real Web page, I was unable to link it here. So I Googled "Pfister" and "ghosts" and found the original story, which appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times. And, not five minutes after I had posted today's blog entry about major publications' typos, I saw the headline:

Major League Baseball players sweater Pfister Hotel haunted

I don't believe in ghosts. I'll change my position on that the minute I see one. But I sure do believe in irony.

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