Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Computer's (Lack of a) Way with Words

At my freelance job, I used to be able to double-click the time on the task bar to call up a monthly calendar. Once launched, that calendar let me change the computer's date and time. But I never did. I just used it as a plain-old calendar.

A few months ago, my work computer got a security upgrade. Now when I double-click the time, the computer tells me, "You do not have the proper privilege to change the System Time."

You've won this round, rude, belittling, inarticulate computer ...

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Anonymous said...

That so makes me LOL. Agreed, though, about the side-effects of technology's exponential growth. Some of them are just plain funny.

June Casagrande said...

Right? I don't have "the proper privilege"? Where does thing dang machine get the nerve?

Mallory said...

my work computer is set up the same way, it's so annoying. I had to get an old-timey wall calendar for my desk. For some reason, checking the calendar in my Outlook just never caught on with me.

June Casagrande said...

Well, yeah. Outlook is for e-mail (in my mind, at least). I don't want to close my e-mail program to see whether the 17th is a Tuesday.


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