Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I thought beefalo were nuts. Little did I know ...

When I stumbled across the beefalo in the dictionary, I thought it was pretty wild.

I had no idea.

Check out the cama (camel+llama), zebrule (zebra+horse), geep (goat+shee), and coydog (coyotoe+dog) and other aberrations unto nature that Drew M. wrote about a while back.

Thanks for sharing, Drew!

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kidicarus222 said...

Glad you dug it, Junie Bighouse! I'm always happy when anyone takes time to appreciate the clamatos of the animal world.

Thanks for the link.

June Casagrande said...

And with clamatos, you reminded me of tomacco. Does man's dark dance in Providence's domain know no curtain call? (I don't know what that means. Yet there it is.)

Jennifer said...

Being a Spanish major in college, I love your use of the term "Conjugate" or is it "Conjugate?" Whatever.

Anyways...beefalo sounds like some sorta microwave dinner.


June Casagrande said...

Thanks. I wish I'd have realized earlier, though, that I'd be embarrassed to tell my blog name to some people. Um, yes, Grandpa. It's a play on "conjugal." No, Grandpa, it's not one of those sites.

(P.S. What a cool major! I love Spanish.)


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