Thursday, October 25, 2007

Words that should get a divorce (First in an occasional series on words whose relationships have grown tired)

sweating and profusely

Surely there must be some other way to sweat.


--Deb said...



Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been sweating "buckets" because I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the "Grammar Snobs" book, but was terrified to know that my little comment would be scrutinized by the Queen of Text. So I'll just fire into the jungle blindly and hope for the best.

I originally bought the book because I'm tired of wondering how awful my writing looks and ended up reading it from start to finish in one sitting. It was very entertaining and helpful.

Keep it up!

June Casagrande said...

SO many of the people who write me say they're worried I'll see mistakes in their grammar.

I make mistakes all the time. But I've gotten comfortable with that. Very, very comfortable.

I once submitted a resume for an editing job in which I wrote something like, "I am an excellent editor with a keen eyes for detail." I got the interview. The interviewer said he never noticed the typo!

Thanks for your kind words about the book. It's always good to hear someone found it helpful and fun!


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