Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Belated Disappearance Explanation

For those of you kind enough to keep checking in all the time I've been dark (and esp. Deb and RS), here's where I've been:

(I'm the one in the dress.)
Hurray! It was a small affair on a beach with just two dozen guests. A pretty darn happy day.
Now I'm back with, ironically, another installment of Words That Should Get a Divorce: "shock" and "hair." Came across that one on in a beach read on my honeymoon. Is there no other quantity of hair that writers can think of?


Temperance said...

1) Congratulations! You both look so happy. Small weddings on the beach are the way to go. Although if the "beach" is the shore of Lake Michigan, and it's 102 degrees in July, watch out for the biting flies. The flies can really disrupt one's composure, but it makes for some interesting wedding video footage.

2) Congratulations! I have Mortal Syntax in my hot little hands. My amazon pre-order arrived yesterday and I love what I've read so far. I immediately jumped to chapter 14. Although it tends to support my brother's position, it gives me textual support to call him "skunky." Fantastic! What more could a sibling want?

R-bek said...



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