Thursday, April 24, 2008

Somewhat Satisfying Moments in Copy Editing

The sentence:
The restaurant's soup of the day, served in a large terrine, is more than one person could possibly eat.

The change: terrine to tureen.

This wasn't one of those "gotcha, you sneaky so-and-so" catches that I find so satisfying, but it was still a good one. The reason: The writer really may have meant "terrine."
terrine. n. An earthenware container for cooking and serving food. Any of various dishes prepared or cooked in a terrine. -- American Heritage Dictionary (via

Compare that with (also from American Heritage):
tureen. n. A broad, deep, usually covered dish used for serving foods such as soups or stews.

Still, since the second seems to be more soup-centric, I went with it.

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