Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Word I Just Realized I Love and Other Cranial Flotsam


What a word.

Completely unrelated: We're doing a major renovation on our house (see photo and/or clumps of hair on my pillow). The pardon-our-dust situation is getting tiresome. We hauled our mattress downstairs and slept on the living room floor last night. But worse than that, it's getting expensive. Unforeseen costs that should have been foreseen are adding up and pushing us past an important psychological boundary: the was-this-worth-the-money? boundary.

It's been kind of consuming us mentally, so I haven't been thinking about words or language as much as, say, what kind of cat food I'll find tastiest in my golden years and whether drywall dust is sufficiently carcinogenic to render the cat food question moot.
So that's just a long, convoluted, me-centric way of saying sorry I haven't been around here more.

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Joel said...

A fine word indeed. Hope the project wraps up soon and well.

June Casagrande said...

Thanks. I realized I liked the word after I wrote in a recent column that "have got" is "a lumpy substitute" for "have."


Then again, "lumpy substitute" has its own power -- that being to conjure up particularly bad days from middle school.

Anyway, thanks for the renovation best wishes. (We'll need 'em.)


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